The NPE Journal Club, dedicated to neuropsychoeconomics and its associated subfields, offers a collaborative platform for PhD scholars and researchers to critically analyze both foundational and contemporary research in the discipline. The Journal Club welcomes both experts and those newly venturing into the field, providing a forum to discuss fundamental concepts, own research, and establish connections with fellow academics and enthusiasts.

Sessions are conducted via Zoom every second Thursday from 17:00 to 18:00 CET. Each session alternates between a foundational paper and a piece of contemporary research, fostering a balanced dialogue. Also, in our commitment to fostering a diverse range of perspectives, we encourage members to actively present topics they are interested in.

For participation, presentation opportunities, or any inquiries, please contact Negin Javaheri and Lorenzo Del Puppo. Join us to make the Journal Club an intellectually stimulating space.


PhD Engagement responsibles: Negin Javaheri, Lorenzo Del Puppo