2005 NeuroPsychoEconomics Conference


2005 NeuroPsychoEconomics Conference

Date: July 4-5, 2005
Place: Muenster, Germany (Tryp Kongresshotel)

The first conference had the theme “Marketing, Psychology, and Neuroscience”.

08:00 AM: Registration

09:00 AM: Welcome from the editors

09:30 AM: Key Note Speech

Haeusel, Hans-Georg
gruppe nymphenburg
“Limbic maps”

10:00 AM: Coffee Break

10:15 AM: Session 1

Buettner, Oliver B.
Universitaet Goettingen
“Trust in e-health-offers”

Groeppel-Klein, Andrea
Europa-Universitaet Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)
“Arousal, Archetypes and Advertising”

11:30 AM: Session 2

Weis, Susanne/Hoppe, Christian/Weber, Bernd/Baumann, Axel/Fernández,
Guillén/Elger, Christian E.
“Why are celebrities so useful for commercial advertisements? – an fMRI study”

12:45 PM: Lunch

01:45 PM: Luncheon Speech

Henschel, Helmut

02:30 PM: Session 3

Gutjahr, Gert
Institut fuer Marktpsychologie (IFM), Mannheim

03:45 PM: Coffee Break

04:00 PM: Session 4

Neumaier, Maria/Schaefer, Florian
Bergische Universitaet-GH Wuppertal
“Trust and Decision Making”

05:30 PM: Summary

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